The Power of Vegetables

by Claire Froelich

Illustrated by Varvara Fomina

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baby deer with open mouth


Baby deer prefers sweet pecan pie over dirty vegetables - until Papa deer teaches the magical powers these veggies give us. But not all truths reveal themselves in the form of advice...


On the surface this book is a piece of propaganda to get children to eat their vegetables. More subtly, it encourages readers to question authority with their own observations. Most importantly this story reminds us to laugh in life - which is why it's best read aloud, not alone.

Look Inside

Learn colors with vegetables

Learn body parts

Baby deer looking at a butterly, which is seen reflected in his eye
Shocked rabbit tooting a rainbow while pausing eating a carrot

Laugh together

Papa deer admiring his vegetable garden


My son enjoyed the ending almost too much...

- Kendra B., mother of toddler

Finally, a children's book where I laughed as loud as my kids did.

- Farhan D., father of twins

review by Kate, children's drawing of four family members reacting to the book with a postive note of thanks

- Kate, honest critic